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The leftovers

The cigarette and tobacco leftovers will by produced inevitably by smoking.
According to types of papers and tobaccos, odors differ after burning.
Please do care for others as a proper smoker!



By using MAQUIMASKA, you will produce only a small amount of litter like tissue papers for cleaning. MAQUIMASKA made of gold and silver promises you a real taste of fine tobaccos. Easy maintenance will keep the same real taste every time.

About rolling papers

Many common rolling papers ontain a lot of chemical substances such as bleaches and combustion promoters.
By choosing non-bleached and non-additive papers, you will be able to enjoy the original taste of tobacco without producing the distinct odors.

Disposable filters

You naturally produce a considerable amount of litter by disposing a filter per cigarette. They can efficiently remove harmful substances like tar but together with nicotine, the substance you want to intake. People who don’t care about litter prefer the disposable filters.